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Or Lenchner, CEO, Luminati NetworksOr Lenchner, CEO
As e-commerce continues to experience rapid growth, especially as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are investing significant technological and financial resources when developing products or services for the marketplace. However, brands selling coveted products are becoming attractive targets for unauthorized third-party sellers. This happens through masked marketplace operators and results in diverted revenue, reduced brand value, and eroded customer confidence.

According to a report by the OECD and the EU’s Intellectual Property Office, counterfeit and pirated goods account for 3.3 percent of global trade and are steadily rising. That being said, many Brand Protection companies lack the data resources and infrastructure needed to make informed decisions throughout critical phases of online brand protection. This is where Luminati Networks can help.

How to combat ad fraud and copyright infringement

“The first step in fighting fake products and protecting your brand is to detect these fraudulent activities,” says Or Lenchner, CEO of Luminati Networks. Luminati provides extensive and reliable data collection automation solutions to combat ad fraud and copyright infringements. The company’s comprehensive solutions help businesses view their own misused, copyrighted content in target geolocation – just like their consumers do.

Luminati offers clients a package of three product pillars to protect their brands and online assets, ensuring proper use of copyright content. These pillars include: Data Unblocker, Data Collection Automation (DCA) Platform, and an extensive proxy network infrastructure that supports them. The company has recently expanded its residential-based proxy network that consists of more than 72 million rotating IPs, which were knowingly and actively contributed by global consumers in return for ad-free applications or free new features.

“We enable our customers to view all of the publicly available information on a website as if they see it from the actual consumer’s perspective, in complete transparency,” explains Lenchner. Clients utilize real residential IP addresses to mimic actual user behavior, on target websites, and can monitor any fraudulent activity. In addition, Luminati offers an open-source proxy manager that enables clients to expedite development time. This allows clients to fully automate a setup based on their specifications.

“As a brand protection company, you need to collect data on a massive scale in real-time, and websites will block this type of traffic for various reasons. The biggest challenge for data collection is accessibility,” adds Lenchner.
To overcome this hurdle, Luminati offers the first automated unblocking software of its kind that enables clients to cost effectively access target sites without the need for any coding experience, while respecting each website. The automated software removes the problem of IP management from the client’s code. It also validates content integrity based on response content, data types, request timing, and more.

To complete the comprehensive solution and simplify the data-collection process, Luminati developed the DCA Platform, DCA Assistant, one of the three pillars previously mentioned. This platform enables users to retrieve relevant public information from target sites using the company’s extensive proxy network with a simple API request. The DCA Assistant is built with a set of APIs to fit right into the client’s existing infrastructure and uses proprietary technology and automated IP management to extract data.

Compliance, distribution, and scale

To use Luminati’s solutions, every new Luminati customer must first be approved by the company’s in-house compliance team. This approval ensures that each use case meets strict and comprehensive ethical standards set forth by the data-collection industry. Luminati maintains a compliance system based on deterrence, prevention, and enforcement. This three-tiered process is the executive arm of Luminati’s core values aimed at promoting web-transparency and guarantees that its network always remains safe and ethical. Moreover, the company’s in-depth onboarding process requires clients to share their national ID and sign a compliance statement amongst various other identity-verification techniques.

Another factor that differentiates Luminati from its competitors is the vast distribution of the company’s network, specifically having residential IPs in every single point of the globe, including Antarctica. The company attains its peers (Residential and Mobile IPs) through the Luminati SDK, which is integrated into applications as another form of app monetization. Users are presented with a well-defined option to opt into the Luminati Network and become a peer (i.e., to share their device IP address only) in exchange for an ad-free or free application. No personal data is collected throughout the time the peer is part of the Luminati Network. Their device is only used when it has sufficient battery and is in idle mode.

To further illustrate the effectiveness of Luminati’s solutions, Lenchner cites a case study that features a prominent brand protection company and how it approached them. The client needed a scalable and dynamic solution for collecting online data without being blocked, and which helped with monitoring sellers and eradicating counterfeit products. Luminati’s products made it possible for the company to collect significant amounts of data, which increased their chances of detecting and monitoring fraudulent activities.

Looking Ahead

Having disrupted the market a few years ago by pioneering a residential proxy, Luminati is currently focused on integrating the latest concepts of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into its DCA Platform. The company also intends to protect customer information by ensuring that data collection methods are performed ethically and responsibly in the industry. “We invest a lot in trying to regulate the market and make sure that companies are collecting data through ethical means; otherwise, it will damage the entire industry and impede web-transparency” concludes Lenchner.
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Luminati Networks


Or Lenchner, CEO

Luminati Networks is a leading data collection platform dedicated to helping businesses gather publicly available online data in an ethical manner. Working with over 10,000 customers, including market leaders from the Fortune 500 list, Luminati provides brands with a transparent view of the internet. The company’s first-of-its-kind data collection automation (DCA) platform specifically for enterprises enables clients to view the internet through various points in its global network just like any typical consumer does each and every day. By scouring the web through the eyes of the consumer, organizations can collect data at scale and gain a real, accurate perspective of how their current and prospective customers are interacting with their brand and with their competitors. This means organizations can now make more informed, faster decisions based on live actionable data